Summer 2019

Hi. Welcome. As I sit in the living room, at home on a sunny Friday night, I am mesmerizing about this about page. Guess you want to you more. Or have you clicked for another reason? So what is it that you want to know? About me?

This site is partly a fun project, to allow me to play around with WordPress, web design, online marketing, etc. It is also a bit of me. Personally. Earlier this year, I decided to remove my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I believe the days of Facebook and Instagram are over. They have peeked and are about to start winding down in user counts.

I did not feel the need to be an early innovator with regards to “leaving social”. Since I am not. I do however believe we are entering another age of communication. A more personal age, with smaller networks, less friends, blending digital and physical. We simply cannot keep up with all those friends anymore, should we succeed to find their updates between all the spam and advertising that you are confronted with on social media these days. I believe we are not that far away from the first ‘paid social network’. Quality over Quantity.

But… Back to me. About me. Some weeks ago, I deleted my social accounts. Well, at least Facebook and Instagram, still have a Twitter and LinkedIn account. I did however feel the need to remain some what ‘visible’ in the digital world. I feel the need to write every now and then. To publish some photos every now and then. So, I decided to revive my personal website, to show the world a bit about me.